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Movies are great, but nothing beats a live performance. The actors and actresses play off the crowd, delivering performances of a lifetime night after night. It’s normally hard to catch many live performances in a week because of your busy schedule, but you can change that by attending the Alabama Community Theater Festival (ACTFest) on Nov. 1 to 3. The festival will be at Shelton State Community College’s Bean-Brown Theatre and will include lots of plays. ACT members get into the shows for free. Non-members have to pay to see the shows. Prices have yet to be listed.

Get the details and prepare to see some exciting performances.

What Is ACTFest?

Community theater companies from across the state perform at ACTFest. They don’t perform standard plays, though. Instead, performances are limited to one hour tops. Some companies perform one-act plays that meet the time limitations, while others take a selection from a full-length play.

To keep everyone on schedule, performers are also limited regarding the sets. Companies have ten minutes to set up, and then they have to perform. They also only have ten minutes to break down their set so the next performers can begin. That means you can expect to move from one performance to the next when you attend ACTFest.

The performers aren’t just there for your enjoyment. They want to win. Judges rate the performances and select two overall winners. The companies with the two best shows get to compete in the American Association of Community Theatre Region IV Festival.

The judges also select the best actor, actress, and director. Sometimes, the judges give out additional awards for stellar performances as well. It’s fun to watch the plays and decide who will win the awards. With so many standout performances, this can be difficult to do. You might go home thinking everyone deserved an award after putting so much into their performances.

More Than Plays

While the plays take center stage at ACTFest, there are also workshops you can attend. These workshops are free for ACT members. If you are part of a community theater group, these workshops will help you hone your craft. Learn how to design a set or develop stage-managing skills. You can also learn about acting. Grab your acting friends and attend as many of the workshops as you can.

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Getting to the Festival

You know that the actors and actresses will get most of the attention during ACTFest, but wouldn’t you like a small bit of that attention yourself? You can’t rush the stage and join in a play, but you can turn heads with the right vehicle. Before you go to ACTFest, head to Tuscaloosa Hyundai in Tuscaloosa, AL, and get a new vehicle. Then, you will get almost as much attention as the people on the stage.

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