How to Handle Your Car Recall in Tuscaloosa, AL

Two Steps to Take If Your Vehicle Has a Recall

A vehicle recall should never be ignored, and while the Hyundai brand strives to ensure that every model that rolls off the assembly line adheres to every safety standard the National Traffic Safety Administration enforces, sometimes a recall is necessary. A recall can pertain to anything in your vehicle: specific parts and components, OEM accessories, factory-installed packages, and more. Fortunately, if the brand or the NHTSA deems that a recall is necessary, the issue will be rectified at no cost to you.

If you’re a Hyundai owner in Tuscaloosa, AL, you only need to take two simple steps to get started.

  1. Verify that your vehicle has been recalled. If you purchased a new or certified pre-owned vehicle from an authorized Hyundai dealership, you’ll receive a notification in the mall that details everything you need to know about the recall. That includes the parts or components involved and the associated risks. If your Hyundai is registered with MyHyundai or Hyundai Bluelink, you’ll also receive a notification through the mobile app. You can also check the recall status of your vehicle using your vehicle identification number (VIN) and the NHTSA’s searchable online database.
  2. Once you’ve verified the recall, contact an authorized local dealership like Tuscaloosa Hyundai. Our customer service staff will guide you through filling out any needed documentation and help you schedule a service appointment with our state-of-the-art service center. Our team of certified technicians will repair the affected components at no cost to you and get you back on the road safely and promptly.

After we’ve completed your recall repairs, we recommend keeping all your documentation associated with the recall. The documents could prove handy in the rare case that the issue recurs, and they will be useful when it’s time to visit our showroom for a trade-in.

If you have a current recall on your Hyundai vehicle, call us immediately for quality repairs.

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