Where To Get Your Pho Fix In Tuscaloosa

September 2nd, 2019 by

When hunger strikes in T-Town, you’ve got plenty of options. Whatever you’re craving – tacos, burgers, pizza, sushi – you’ll find some fantastic options, many within walking distance. What about when your craving is a little less pedestrian? For those who have fallen in love with the deep flavors and tantalizing versatility of Vietnamese cuisine, you’ll be happy to know where to go for authentic pho. If you’ve yet to discover the pleasure of this signature soup featuring rich broth, rice noodles, meat, and herbs, one tasty bowl will make you a believer.

Pho Town

Located at 1800 McFarland Boulevard East #420 in Tuscaloosa, Pho Town delivers on the promise of its name – delicious pho is on the menu in many variations. The specialty is made with beef broth and garnished with green and white onions, bean sprouts, lime, and fresh basil. Meat options include steak, brisket, chicken, meatballs, shrimp, ox tail, and more.

Pho may be the main attraction at Pho Town, but it’s not the only menu standout. Other favorites include vermicelli dishes, banh mi (Vietnamese subs), hot clay pot dishes, and steamed rice plates. According to many satisfied diners, there’s just no wrong choice at Pho Town.

One rave reviewer writes: “Never had pho before? Good. You’re about to experience it at its peak. Seriously. Out of all the pho I’ve had in my life, this place has it the best. You can tell the cooks in the back know what they’re doing. This is one of those rare places where you can go in blind and come out with a new appreciation of food and food service!”

Swen Chinese Restaurant

Sure, you can get the standard Chinese fare at this convenient and casual little Tuscaloosa eatery. But beyond the potsticker appetizers; fried rice sides; and beef, chicken, and poultry standbys, there is a whole listing of pho options. Order pho your way complete with beef shank, tripe, shrimp, chicken, ground meat, or meatballs – you’ll get generous portions and reasonable prices. Swen Chinese Restaurant is located on The Strip, at 1130 University Boulevard, Suite B2.

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